gemWOMAN Vol 14 No 1


A homage to women who have overcome adversity and are positively influencing the lives of others by sharing their lessons learned. Our cover personality, Rev Dr Funke Adetuberu, is a “wounded healer” who unashamedly shares her story of how she overcame her past.
Her tumultuous background has evolved into a purpose and ministry for her. She is passionate about helping people fulfill their God-given potential. All women, she says, must die empty. She adds that you should never use your abilities to enrich the grave, but rather to glorify God and aid humanity.
This edition addresses many topics that will help you experience new beginnings with articles on how to be single and happy, embracing the new, the wisdom of letting go, and so much more.

This magazine is for people who want to make the best of their setbacks, get over them, and turn their mess into a message.



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